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MultiSoft develops custom software solutions tailored to our customer's unique business model, and designs applications that are tailored to optimize the success of your organization. We develop solutions that are on time and on budget. Our consultants work with clients to learn their unique business approach, and we apply our experience and technical expertise to provide the optimum technical solution for your business needs.

Our process employs six unique phases that ensure your success.


• Consult
In this phase, information is collected and analyzed. Our consultants start by identifying the business issues and requirements that your management and your user community want the system to address.

• Plan
In this phase, the functional, technical, and creative requirements are defined. We formulate an architectural and navigational blueprint for your system and ensure your objectives have been met.

• Develop
In this phase, the programming production takes place. The formulized plan is transferred from paper onto screen.

• Testing
In this phase, we use an extensive quality control process to ensure that every part of the system works as it should. In addition, we test the system on multiple platforms and ensure the final product is compatible with a wide range of users.

• Implementation
After testing is completed, your product is ready for implementation into your company system.

• Maintenance
We are committed to providing and maintaining full support of our customers' systems. Our customers are guaranteed consistent quality and value when modifications and support are needed.

Developing software is a complex process that MultiSoft has the expertise to accomplish. We develop quality custom solutions, and resolve software problems for our clients.